The www site Gasparin CO2 motors is dedicated to a less known but very interesting model building specialty - CO2 driven motors and models flying with these motors. I will be very glad if you deem this www site interesting. And I will be still more happy if you decide to build your first flying model driven by a CO2 motor.

My aim is to illustrate the wide range of possibilities of driving the flying models with CO2 motors. I wish my www site to become a forum of all supporters of CO2 drives.

Carbon dioxide belongs among the first mediums which were used for driving models. The simplicity of the entire system enabled a number of unique constructions of model builder's motors from miniature ones up to rotary multi-cylinder motors. Therefore also the motors driven by CO2 find applications not only in model building, but also in science and research. I have dedicated all my creative efforts to the research and development activities in this field.

I would like to share my experience with the visitors to this www site, following the only goal, that means to make you, model builders, more familiar with the existing possibilities of building models driven by CO2 motors. If you decide to enter the not-so-big world of those modelers who build models using this type of drives, please continue and start discovering unknown things.

I think that a CO2 drive for more demanding models is not a commercial matter in full extent, but it is rather a challenge which requires interest and ability to proceed from simple to more complicated things.


In the figure you can see my first CO2 motor featuring a capacity of 160 cmm from the year 1972. It was not perfect at all. You need not hesitate and you may try what you can do. All depends on your decision and on your will to achieve the target.

I hope that you will get more information from the presentation of CO2 models on this www site. I would like to give thanks to all who contributed to the program of this www site through their work. I wish you all a lot of success and entertainment with CO2 motors and models.


With high respect and gratefulness I often remember all the personalities who have moved ahead the technologies of CO2 drives. This especially holds for William L. Brown, Farther of modern CO2 motors.

In the complicated situation of the modern world I am grateful for the possibility of presenting the existing possibilities of use of CO2 driven motors for models on the world-wide web. I believe that the progress of techniques and technologies will bring new possibilities of the use of CO2 drives.

My thanks belong also to my wife Vera and son Michal for their kind understanding for me and my work.