About Us

I was born in the year 1937. I come from Slovakia. In 1961 I graduated from University of Technology in Bratislava, branch of communication technology.

Until 1991 I worked in the Research Institute of Mechanization and Automation as Head of the Laboratory for Research and Development of Ultrasonic Generators and Oscillating systems for Industrial Use.

I was an active model builder and I organized model builders' events. I was working on miniaturization of radio control systems for small models. This has led me to CO2 motors.

In 1972 I constructed my first CO2 motor, and CO2 motors started to fascinate me. Until 1990 I was constructing CO2 motors on an individual basis or in a small number.

In 1990 I started to cooperate with Mikrotechna Holešovice, which was operating as a manufacturer of aircraft onboard instrumentation. This cooperation continues through my affiliated company GMOT which manufactures my CO2 motors.

Since 1991 I have been dealing with CO2 motors on a professional basis, I was implementing their series production on a step-by-step basis. I have designed and put in production about 60 types of CO2 motors in a wide range of configurations.

Since the year 1992 I have lived and worked in the Czech Republic, in Ricany some 11 km from Prague center. I manufacture my CO2 motors in the workshop which is a part of our house. My family and professional skills of my external coworkers help me with this work.

In recent years I have been working especially in the area of electrical drives of small models.

I am very glad that my work on perfection and promotion of CO2 motors was awarded Oleg Antonov Diploma which is awarded to one person in a single year by the International Aircraft Federation (FAI).

Meeting with Wm. L. Brown, Father of today's CO2 motors
on the occasion of his 80th birthday in the year 1991.

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