How to Place Orders

How to Place Orders - Other Countries

You can order the selected goods directly according to the order in Products or on the basis of your enquiry addressed to

I recommend you to order the multi-cylinder motors of the series 24, 43, 63 and 160 after a common clarification according to your requirements.

The prices of the goods stated in the offer are final for shipment to your address and payment by a credit card or a bank transfer.

The exchange rate of CZK / USD was CZK 26.50 for one USD in the middle of May. This exchange rate is informative only and serves for your first orientation in the prices of my products. The current exchange rate of CZK to the currency of your country can be found on the website of the bank called Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka or it can be clarified to you by your bank at which the price of your purchase order is to be paid from your account.

The goods will be forwarded to your address by way of airmail in the confirmed term of delivery, after your payment for the goods has been credited to the account.

I will confirm your order after the payment by the bank transfer or after receiving a correctly completed authorization form MAIL ORDER for payment by a credit card, together with clarification of the order, its price and with the consent with collection of the order price from your account.

For security reasons please pay attention to the instructions for the payment implementation and for completion of the authorization form in the Mail Order. The compliance with the instructions will accelerate the delivery of the goods ordered by you.

Thank you beforehand for your interest and for your order.


It is possible to pay for the goods in CZK, USD, GBP, and EUR by means of a bank transfer.
On the basis of your order an invoice is sent to you together with the confirmation of your order.
The data necessary for the bank transfer will be provided for in the invoice.


The following cards are accepted for payments:

The payments made by credit cards are limited (for security reasons) to CZK 15 000.- per one payment and shall be made exclusively in my national currency, i.e. in Czech crowns (CZK).

After clarification of your order it is necessary to complete carefully and in full the authorization form MAIL ORDER, i.e. it is necessary to state all the required data.

Please print out the completed form and confirm it with your authentic signature, your signature is inevitable.

Please send the completed and signed form exclusively by post or by fax to my address. I cannot accept any other method of credit card payments.

After receiving your Mail Order with your authorization I will collect the payment of the price of your order.

How to Place Orders