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Peanuts Bü133 Jungmeister and Robertson SRX - 1A

The models were prepared for presentation at the MODEL HOBBY 2003 exhibition in Prague at the beginning of October in view of presentation of new proportional magnetic actuators.

The models are used for further tests of new components for the RC systems of small and lightweight models. The flight tests of all models confirmed a good usability of the new magnetic actuators "MCA 03" and of the PENTA micro receiver for controlling small models.

The attached images show installation of the MCA 03 actuator in the model and a special treatment of the MCA magnetic actuator serving for the control of ailerons.

Bücker Bü133 Jungmeister

The model of the acrobatic aircraft "Bücker Bü133 Jungmeister" is in the Peanut size. It was designed and built by Robert Cok. The model is constructed by using a classical technology of balsa and paper. It features a control system of rudder and elevator, its speed is controllable as well and its flight weight was 35g. The model is controlled by the micro receiver "PENTA". It is driven by the GB32 power unit with POT 00 motor.

Model Bü133 Jungmeister in new version is offered by Micro Invent. It flies very well and it is possible to see improvement that was achieved in short time.

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Model Robertson SRX - 1A

The Robertson SRX - 1A model is a lighter model with two MCA 03 actuators and the same drive. The weight of the model was 30g.

Miroslav Rohlena has built a new modified and renovated model of Robertson SRX - 1A. The model flied with standard RC equipment very well.

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RC models