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Small RC models today

It is surely a matter of opinion, what a small RC model is. As far as my opinions are concerned, I deem as small those RC scale models of the Peanut size and those models that are little bigger and smaller. I mainly prefer small scale models, or semi scale models at a good level. Of course, I fully accept that also similar old timers and sport models can be very interesting. I pay particular attention also to heavier and faster models capable of practicing aerobatics. New possibilities have arisen recently for small RC scale models of historical types of aircraft from the pioneer period.

Fortunately there are many experienced model builders and experimenters working on improvement of the preconditions for flying small RC models. We only contribute to these efforts through our involvement. The conditions for total weight reduction of small RC models have improved recently in every direction.

New drive units with DC motors are offered. Small AC motors with a circulation shell. Micro servos and magnetic micro actuators are also better and lighter. Receivers and electronic controllers are smaller, more perfect and lighter. Last, but not least, all these elements are more affordable and their use is easier.

I am convinced that model builders will never let without notice what is price affordable and technically possible. There are several examples from recent history. It is possible to expect that the interest in small RC models will continue to rise. Our work and your interest in small RC models are therefore meaningful and can bring us a lot of pleasure.

I cannot know all what happens about small RC models in the world, it is surely possible to register various approaches of more or less "national school". I cannot and do not want to compare.

In terms of designs of the small RC models, there exist various points of view if one or the other criteria are accented. Here I present my opinion and the opinion of my and my friends of how we can see current possibilities for the design of small RC models. We prefer a universal receiver and universal actuators (servo mechanisms). We think that this arrangement brings wider possibilities for model building. We also place emphasis on conformity of principles and characteristics of small RC models, so that the small models can fly together with each other and together with large models always and everywhere without any limitation resulting from their control system.

If the analyses refer to any components which are not included in our offer yet, the matter concerns the components which are being prepared. I know that you do not need my comments. I rely on the fact that an idea of small RC models of beautiful types of aircraft will be very attractive for you as well.

The chances for small RC scale models today

Model builders construct, thanks to their creativity, RC scale models from really micro dimensions and weights to larger and heavier models. This range can be set from 2g to 100g. The division suggested will help us describe possibilities of models in individual groups:

  • Micro RC models with a weight of 2 to 5g
  • Micro RC models with a weight of 8 to 12g
  • RC models of the Peanut size with a weight up to 18g
  • RC models of the Peanut size with a weight up to 25g
  • RC models with a weight up to 36g
  • RC models with a weight up to 45g
  • RC models with a weight up to 65g
  • RC models with a weight exceeding 65g

For every group of models it is possible to clarify the existing possibilities and to illustrate them by means of successful models. I am sorry that this work exceeds my current possibilities in terms of its extent. I will be adding information about possibilities and models in every group from time to time.

RC models