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Small RC old timers are surely an interesting and very nice challenge for model builders. I am glad that I can present the first small RC scale model of an old timer built in our country by the leading SAM-78 representative Mr. Jaromír Pipek. Jaromír Pipek writes about the model:

MINI-TOMBOY is a diminished scale model of the English old timer TOMBOY, built by Vic SMEED in 1950. The original TOMBOY model has a span of 914 mm, while the span of the MINI-TOMBOY is 420 mm, which is approximately 46% of its original size, the length of the model is 307 mm and the wing area is 2.75 dm 2. The flying weight, including one driving cell of the Li-Pol battery (145 mAh), is 33 grams, which means that its square load is 12 g/dm 2.

The rudder and elevator are controlled by the MCA-3D servomechanism, the model is driven by the GB-32 unit with a narrow MCF carbon propeller, the controller is MSC-1-145, the model works with the MZK-PENTA receiver and the driving battery is formed by the above mentioned 1 Li-Pol 145 mAh cell. The flight time is about 8 - 10 minutes.

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I made the pull rods for the rudder and elevator by using a carbon rod (its diameter being 1.2 mm) to which pieces of steel wires (diameter of 0.5 mm) are glued on the ends. The wires are bent in the "L" shape and form the "terminal parts" of the pull rods. The pull rods are attached on the servomechanism levers with pieces of flexible tubing. The "hinges" of the rudder and elevator are made of 1.5 mm wide strips of a thin plastic foil. The model is coated with a weak layer of Modelspan.

The area above the driving electrical motor includes a scale model of a cylinder of the historical combustion engine, as a regular old timer was always driven by a combustion engine, which means that its diminished scale model must have one as well.

RC models