BL motors G15

Gasparin Brushless outrunner motor
The G15 4W Bee

  • For small RC models, from 24g to 36g total weight
  • Works on 1 LiPo cell (3.7V, 145mAh) and Microinvent ESC
  • Maximum current 1,3A

Mechanical Bee GP15 4W data

  • Outer rotor diameter
  •   14.8 mm
  • Motor length with mounting
  • 18.4 mm
  • Total motor weight
  • 4.0 g

    Three hole mounting, 3x120, D1,3mm on D17mm
    Screws with screw-thread M1,4.

    Test Measurements

    using the MBC 2 ESC from Microinvent







    Power out

    GWS5030 3,6 1,06 6392 3,744 37,50 10,016
    GWS5030 4,0 1,21 6829 4,284 42,50 9,804
    MCF5030 3,6 0,99 6692 3,492 36,50 10,452
    MCF5030 4,0 1,13 7147 3,996 38,00 9,509

    Example of Component weight for RC models using the G15 4W 3.7V Bee motor:

    Battery, 1 LiPo, 145 mAh, 4.2g, Motor, 4.0g, ESC + propeller 1.2g, MINOR and 3 magnetic servos 3.5g.

    Total equipment weight: 12.9g to 14g.

    For aerobatic RC flying, the total weight (equipment plus model) could be up to 25g.
    Any sport RC model of total weight up to 36g could be flown.

    Note: The Gasparin G15 motors are developed in cooperation with Potensky designers.

    The selling price of motor is CZK 1490,-.

    BL motors G15