PENTA - 2,4g micro receiver
PENTA SC - 3,4g micro receiver with standart connectors


The micro receivers "PENTA" were designed especially for radio control of the small and lightweight scale models.

Controlled servos and regulators are connected to the PENTA receiver by soldering to contact fields. The micro receiver PENTA SC is receiver Penta with standart 2.5mm connectors.

The receiver is designed for the control of new digital micro servos. It features a high selectivity, great range, small dimensions and low weight. It is a contribution for the development of the new category of small RC scale models.

The design of receiver preferred a high selectivity to the low weight. This enables you to fly several models at the same time. The range and selectivity of the PENTA receiver was confirmed by the tests of the RC Revue magazine, issue 10/2003 page 18. The very well range of the receiver is sufficient for outdoor flight with bigger RC scale models with new AC motors.

All of this is available at an affordable price:

Micro receiver PENTA CZK 1150.-.
Micro receiver PENTA SC CZK 1150.-.

The receiver PENTA:

  • has a five-channel configuration,
  • with a simple mixing system for frequencies 35, 40 and 72 MHz,
  • a microprocessor decoder,
  • power supply voltage 3.6 to 6 V,
  • range 500 m,
  • channel separation of 10 kHz secured with a 4-grade ceramic filter,
  • dimensions 26 x12 x 8 mm.

It is possible to supply crystals for the PENTA receiver. For the frequency bands of 35 MHz and 40 MHz at a price of CZK 182.- per crystal. For the frequency band of 72 MHz that is not used in Europe it is possible to use GWS crystals.