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excellent micro servo from Japan

Smart Servo® RC-1

with a weight of 1g only

Smart ServoR RC-1 has been innovated by its manufacturer and now it gives a better performance when powered from one LiPol cell. The main thing is that it operates faster. A comparison between the servos of old and new designs, when powered with a reduced voltage, can be seen from the video clip attached. Any new deliveries will involve the innovated RC-1 servos only.


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Small and lightweight RC models always become more and more popular among model builders. Small RC models are not a rarity anymore.

The new micro servo actuator "SmartServo RC-1" features excellent characteristics and can push significantly forward the possibilities for construction and control of small and lightweight RC models with a weight to 60 grams.

SmartServo RC-1 is a micro servo actuator based on quite a new principle. The drive and power source of the servo actuator is formed by the newly developed power fibres (BioMetal Fiber, BMF) The power fibres change their length, depending on the temperature. The ambient temperature impact is eliminated by the fact that the RC-1 servo sets up, always after the power supply connection, the control range in limit positions and in the central position independently of the control signal.

The micro servo actuator "SmartServo RC-1" is a digital proportional servo with a feedback. The servo maintains the work position preset by the force acting against the position changing force.

Complete specification in PDF.

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SmartServo® RC-1

SmartServoSmartServo RC-1 is the servo actuator based on a quite new principle. The drive element of RC-1 is a metallic artificial muscle fiber (BioMetal Fiber, BMF60) witch also works as a positioning sensor. RC-1 is micro-mini and super lightweight because it does not use any motor, voice coil, piezoelectric element and any sensors. RC-1 does not generate any vibration, mechanical and electromagnetic noise. RC-1 is driven with the signal and power supply of a popular digital proportional receiver for RC hobby.



SmartServo RC-1 is an actuator operating on a completely new principle, however RC-1 is moved, by the signal of a digital proportional receiver of RC hobby same as a RC servomotor. Therefore, RC-1 has little different property from a conventional servomotor. A connector isn't attached to RC-1 in order to save lightweight. When you connect RC-1 to a receiver, pay attention to polarity of power supply line (red +, black -). An electric circuit is overheated and damaged if you connect them in reverse. Right after RC-1 is connected to a RC receiver and switched on, the horn of RC-1 moves in right and left automatically. This movement is not failure of an electric circuit, but for the automatic calibration of Biometal Fiber (BMF). The trim of a transmitter is effective when you switch on the receiver, and the horn comes back to a neutral position when you switch it off. (Dynamic trim ). Please note that small electric current is consumed when using a trim even if you place a stick of a transmitter in neutral position, using trim. RC-1 consumes current responding to the horn angle and the current is minimum at a neutral position. When you repeat quick motion in full right and left stroke many times, the motion of RC-1 will become smaller and slower. The behavior is not out of order but a characteristic of BMF. The motion performance will recover in half seconds after you stop or slow down the operation. The movement also becomes slow in high temperature condition. RC-1 works normally in a designated temperature range, because the temperature and load of BMF are feed-backed indirectly. Don't install RC-1 on the place where the temperature tends to become high, such as the surface of a battery. Though RC-1 has a built in shock absorber, don't stop the moving horn by hand as it will cause trouble. For the same reason, be careful that there is no mechanical resistance such as friction when you put RC-1 on your airframe. When you install RC-1 in airframe, you can use several pieces of ultra thin adhesive double-coated tape, and fix at several places. Don't stick tape to the part where the rotation arbor is coming out, in the backside of RC-1. As RC-1 is a very delicate and precise device, don't disassemble it as you cannot reconstruct it. Hold the horn when you loosen or tighten the screw of the operational axis. RC-1 is micro servo actuator developed for tiny model airplanes with gross weight of less than 50g and is not suitable for bigger models.




( non guarantee value )

Dimensions 38 x 9 x 3 (mm)
Weight approx. 0.8g (except a horn, a connector, and cable)
Actuator element BioMetal Fiber, BMF60 x 110 mm ( wight : 2 mg )
Materials body : ABS, built in parts and horn : POM, PC board : Lead-free solder
Torque approx. 15 gCm
Operational Angle 30 degrees, right and left each side
Power Supply Voltage 3 - 5 V
Current Consumption 30mA, 0.15W ( @ 5V, 20 degrees Celsius )
Max. Current Consumption 80mA, 0.4W ( moving to right or left end point @ 5 V )
Input Line 3 wire type; power supply (red +, black -), signal (white)
Control Signal positive PWM signal of 1.5 ms +- 0.5 ms in every 20 ms
Operating Temperature 0 - 40 degrees (Celsius)


Caution: This product is the scientific model materials. It is impossible to use in a practical application that needs reliability and durability. This product is assumed a person who has technology and knowledge for micro RC hobby. All responsibility about an accident or the problem that occurred by the wrong uses out of our assumption cannot be due. The data in the table are not guaranteed values but reference values. The specifications of this product may be changed without a notice for reasons of the improvement. Please inform of an inquiry such as a maintenance part by E-mails to direct us.

The new SmartServo RC-1 needs a certain time for its tests in small and lightweight models of experienced model builders - specialists. The results are very encouraging.

The selling price of SmartServo RC-1 is CZK 595,-.
We offer SmartServo RC-1 in prices for dealers.

Smart ServoR RC-1 is delivered without a micro-connector. The servos are controlled by various micro-receivers. I recommend to proceed in compliance with the Operating Instructions for the connection of the micro-connector for the MINOR receivers supplied by MicroInvent.

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