MGM Compro

Controller TMM 0703-3 EXPERT 7A/3.6V

For permanent curretns up to 7A from one LiPol cell.

Controllers TMM® 0703-3 EXPERT are outstanding programmable controllers, extremely small and light for brushless sensorless motors (BLCD motors).

They are compatible with voltages from one Lipol cell!

Operating data:
Temperature of the environment:   0oC to 40oC
Number of regulation steps: 1024 / full throttle
Motor controlling: PWM 8 kHz
Max. rpm for 2 poles motor: 170 000 rpm
Control signal: positive pulses 1,5 ± 0,5 ms, period 10 ÷ 30 ms
BEC: +3,2 up to 4,2V by the supply voltage / max. 1 A
Power supply: from 1 Lipol cell only
Suitable for motors: Mega AC, Model Motors, MP JET, PJS, Ùberall model, Hacker, Kontronik, LRK, Plettenberg, etc.

Dimensions (with external capacitor) [mm]:   15×15×4
Weight incl. all conductors: 3,7 g
Weight without power conductors (with servocable): 1,1 g
Number of feeding NiCd / NiMh cells: -
Number of feeding Li-Ion, Li-Pol cells: 1
Max. current (for full throttle): 7 A
Max. current for 5 sec.: 10 A
Number of regulation steps: 1024
On-state switch resistance at 25 °C: 2×18 mOhm
Model: BEC
BEC voltage: filtering, no stable, value by input voltage
Power conductors (to battery / to motor): 0,35 / 0,25 mm2
Servocable (with JR gold or JST 1.5mm): 0,15 / 0,08 mm2

See PDF manual.

The selling price of controller is CZK 1150.-.